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3/7: Age is not an Excuse

Once more for those in the back! (I’ve shared this a few times on FB)
Now, my “story” isn’t about transgender rights and recognition, but about racism and bigotry. I grew up with a mother who hated anyone who wasn’t white and Presbyterian. I lived with hearing her talk shit about someone’s differences once they were out of earshot. My friends don’t believe me, well, some of them don’t. My best friend, however, heard it herself, so she knows. 
Since she died in 2013, I’ve had so many people tell me that my mother’s bigotry and hate was because she was “of a certain generation” which is absolute bullshit.
  • My father was born three years before her and wasn’t a bigot.
  • Her siblings weren’t a bunch of bigots either.
  • Nor my dad’s siblings.

So, no, you cannot blame it on her age/generation. I don’t know what happened to make her the way she was, but it was her and her alone, not her generation. Are there others from her generation that were the same way? Certainly. But hate, bigotry, and racism are learned behaviors. They are not bred into us. 

In my teens, I chose my rebellion. I chose to rebel against her views and beliefs of others. I chose the opposite path. Acceptance of all, no matter what. Are there individuals I don’t like? Sure. Are there groups I don’t like? For the most part, no, but there are formed groups such as Neo Nazis, the KKK,  and their ilk that I strongly dislike. Sometimes I’ll slip and say I hate them, but it’s more about hating their actions. Hating their ideologies. But they can change, just like everyone else can. We all have that power to change our beliefs and views. It’s just a matter of being willing to do so.

I choose to not hate based on race, color, religion, sexuality, gender, disability, etc. If you’re a bigot and make your views known to me, I’ll cast a major stink-eye in your direction and maybe let you know that I disagree with your values, but I wouldn’t try to change you. We have to want the change ourselves. I do my best to love all who are around me. Sometimes it’s hard to do, but I try my best. All I ask is that you respect my views in return. If you don’t, then there’s a problem.

{Then there are certain politicians I wish had certain sensitive body parts put in a vice… although some might find they enjoy the pain too much. But again, that isn’t a whole race or group. Most of them I’d leave alone. ~Dragon}

Ignore Dragon… she’s been in hiding since last week or so… she doesn’t like change that much. She misses having her own cave.




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