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3/7: Adulting in Place (and #crowdfunding)

I’m still slowly catching up on the normal things I should be doing, all while trying to fit my life puzzle back together. And trying to scrounge up funds to pay storage rent ($280+late fee). I need to keep my access to my stuff open. Because then I can do things like grab my sewing supplies and do small hand sewing jobs for hosts, etc…

This stuff may seem banal to most for a blog post, but when you are in the middle of a massive life-shift and are battling depression, anxiety, and loads of pain from various injuries and re-injuries from over the years, those little things that may seem banal to others are big hurdles for me.

Things I’ve done today so far:

  • Applied for one job.
  • cleaned out the bathtub in the adjacent bathroom to the room I’m staying in (two bathrooms, and this is the studio room, so the tub never gets used).
  • Found my Sharpies and zipties in one of the smaller boxes and set them with the art supplies to be more accessible. (most of those supplies are in storage, but my half-ton of watercolor pencils are here)
  • One load of laundry
  • labeled four of the boxes (out of 11). Labeled all 11 boxes.
  • Figured out the food stamps hurdle…
  • Finished most of my profile on Couchsurfing (a website for couchsurfers and hosts)

I still want to at least find another job to apply for, if not go through the process, tonight. We’ll see. I need to climb out of this hole my life has been in. I can’t -and won’t- live moving from couch to couch for very long, especially with a cat. I need to get resettled and be able to move forward.




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