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3/6: Adulting & #crowdfunding

Feel free to share and spread the word. I’m looking for any assistance, financial or otherwise. I’ll need a new place to turn to mid month (no dogs, etc), need to tackle the stuff mentioned below…

After staying in my current refuge for a few days to recuperate, I finally ventured out and headed downtown. I picked up another form to deal with getting my food stamps back, picked up much-needed meds, a few groceries that killed off just about all my remaining funds, and a couple of other things.

I applied for one job last night, and will start applying for more. I need to get back on my feet ASAP. But a few things need to get taken care of.

  • Storage needs to be paid (280 now plus a late fee) so I can access it. When 95% of your life is in an 8×20 storage unit, that rent becomes important.
  • Round up a friend with vehicle on a weekday and arrange to go clear out the last of my stuff from the apartment (or I end up paying for removal). It has to be on a weekday because they need to have enough staff to have someone in the office while another is watching over the removal of said items. Then maybe find a place that I can rent a small unit with 1st month free and shove it all in there until we can rearrange the main storage unit.

So, I need to raise some funds. The late fee will bring storage rent closer to 300. A little food money and enough for a Trimet pass ($28 now). I’m working on getting my food stamps back, so there’s that, but it’ll take a bit.

PP is faster and free (nothing is taken out), but the YC page is still up. I haven’t updated over there the last few days… I’ve been recuperating and figuring out the next steps. I’m still dealing with pain and probably will until I’m settled into a new place of my own.

The last few months have been the hardest in a while. But I hope those reading my posts are with me in spirit at least and can find ways to help wherever possible. I want to get back to some normalcy in my life sooner rather than later. The upheaval and being unsure of where Portia and I will be by April is hard to handle. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone who doesn’t want it.




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