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3/5: Quiet and Cats

(freshly taken featured image…. getting the stink-eye from Portia for interrupting her nap at the other end of the cot)

I left a lot behind. Most of my food, my cookware, most of my dishes, etc. My hall mirror I’ve had for 15 years. The only “cookware” I manage to get at the last minute, thanks to a very tall friend who grabbed them, were my “Indoor BBQ Pit” that’s discontinued (made by those who make Crockpots…. I can cook a small turkey in that thing and it’s awesome), and my Kitchenaid Mixer, which, honestly, is barely used, but was a gift I’d long dreamed of owning, so yes, it had to come with me.

I’ve been pretty quiet since Thursday/Friday because I’ve been recovering. I’m still not 100%. I’m currently staying in an area I’m not really familiar with… but it’s only a couple of weeks anyway. Tomorrow, I’ll hobble over to the MAX station and head downtown to take care of a few things. My back is still screaming at me, which I figured would happen, but one of tomorrow’s errands will help with that.

I need to get my food stamps back… which will be a chore in and of itself… pick up a few things, try to figure out the next month or so… I don’t want to keep moving around constantly. I want to have a home again. My own little corner of Portland I can retreat to when I need to.

So that maybe I can get a second cat again. I look around at different cats out there… I think of so many colorings or breed types I’d love to have next (black cat/haus panther, Siamese, Maine Coon…. and the list goes on), but I know -as a life-long cat person- that it’s more about the cat choosing you. When I’m ready to get a second cat, I’ll go looking… and I’ll know. I’ll know the right cat.

After a couple of days here, Portia is settling in. The resident cat isn’t used to having an “interloper of the feline persuasion” in her home…. or, for that matter, other humans. So this is an interesting challenge.

I don’t really want to do too much of this, though. The whole “couch surfing” thing.

Goals right now: Get food stamps back, find work, talk to two different places about funds to get back on my feet (as in deposits for a studio, etc), get storage paid for (extra important, more below), and likely half a dozen other things… if folks can help with funds for storage…. I’d love you.

Storage: In order to pack about 95% of my life into storage, I needed a bigger unit. I’m currently in an 8×20. I have a friend willing to help me get it back to organized, but I can’t gain access to it until it’s paid up for the month (I’d also like to get some of the boxes we brought here into storage… such as the one with the mixer). Rent is now $280/mo.

There are many things in storage that I need access to on a fairly regular basis. And some of it will come back out once I have my own place again…. so it really needs to get paid… and I had to use pretty much everything folks have sent so far in things like renting a van on the last day for a few hours, etc…. I need a Trimet pass (I’m on HC, so it’s cheaper), food money until stamps are back, and storage paid… I have about $10 left on last month’s food stamps, and about $20 in my checking…. won’t last long, trust me.




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