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2/27: Energy and #Crowdfunding Needed #crashspace

Please share this wherever possible. Get creative…. I normally have creative ideas, but I’m too stressed out with all of this. Please do not suggest 211. None of the charities I can use have any money or shelter space (other ideas are welcome). Help me boost the visibility.

I spent a fair chunk of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday organizing or moving things over to storage (9 hours total organizing, then a few hours last night hauling most of the furniture over with M). I spent a chunk of today sleeping because I needed to rest up. I have a multitude of old and newer injuries that are acting up because of all of this, so rest was much needed.

But I still need help in whatever forms are available. Whether it’s a donation via PP or YC, or if you’re local to Portland, OR and have a safe space.

  • Couch or spare room/bed
  • Cat permitted, but no dogs in the home (Portia has a fear of dogs. I’m fine with them)
  • Access to fridge and bathroom.
  • I can help with cooking.

If I had the money, I’d either try getting into a studio now with only a few days needed for crash space, or even stay in a hotel room with a kitchenette and that allows cats. There aren’t many… the nearest one is close to me, but it isn’t cheap. Then there are two way out on 82nd. I’ve lived out there… everything in my life is close in. I’d rather stay closer in.

Either of those options takes more money than I have right now. And I need to pay for storage for March as well.




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