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2/25: #crowdfunding & #crashspace

This won’t be horribly long. I don’t think. When I’m tired, I ramble. We must be out -technically- by midnight 3/2, but I’d prefer handing keys back before they close the office that day, which is at 6pm. I need to get Portia transported off to wherever we’re staying temporarily, as well as the clothes and things I’m taking with me.

So, here’s the deal, I am asking that anyone who sees this share it, or the blog in general, or the YouCaring campaign, as far and wide as possible.

Two main ways anyone can help:

  1. Sharing my blog and/or the YouCaring campaign.
  2. If local, or know people local to me, and you know of crash space w/o dogs, let’s talk.

SHARING/CROWDFUNDING: I understand the idea that “well, I’m not local, how can I help?” but you can. Sharing and spreading the word that a writer/grad student and her senior cat (Portia is roughly 11 years old, although she’s like me in the sense that neither of us seem to act our age very much) are about to be homeless and raising funds can help just as much as someone local having crash space. You don’t need to be local to help. Donating any amount, either via YouCaring or PayPal (both in the sidebar, although the YC one is just text. Unlike GFM, they don’t have fancy widgets) helps get me and my fluffy companion a little closer to shelter of some sort.

CRASH SPACE: If you’re local and have crash space without dogs (and are careful about leaving doors to the outside closed. She is chipped, but she loves trying to explore and escape), let me know somehow. If you know someone near transit here in the PDX area who has crash space, let me know. I did grab one of the harnesses from storage, so I may *try* to get her to wear it… then I can maybe get a tag made in a rush.

I spent 4 hours yesterday and another 3-ish today hip-deep in my storage unit trying to organize the ever-loving crud out of it to make it usable (hey, the furniture can still stash things). I’m exhausted and in a lot of pain from it. And I’m moving most, if not all, the rest of the furniture over tomorrow. Some by hand and some with M and her vehicle. It’s going to be a tight fit. I do have a pair of IKEA Billy bookcases I’m willing to part with for a reasonable rate (the narrow, short ones). I’ll take pics of them tomorrow.

Getting the weaving loom in there will be…. amusing. I may have to do the tidying up of the space before hauling it over there on the flatbed. I’m trying not to do too much walking things over. Primarily  because my body can’t take too much of that. I will do kitchen and bathroom after tomorrow.

I’d prefer to not put pantry items in storage, no matter how well they may be sealed. Some things will come with me, but most…. I guess cans can go to storage, but boxes/bags of things shouldn’t.

I will need to pay rent on the storage unit for March. I got this month free, but with pretty much my whole life in that storage unit, I really do need to keep payments up (and my dad’s memorial flag is in there, among many other deeply personal items).

More later… I’m trying not to fall over from exhaustion. I have bruises I can’t explain…. moving when you have time to plan things out and have the funds on hand to take care of everything is a great idea… but this is not that kind of move. I’ve managed to push it out a month… mostly because of how much I have and only having help on the weekends.

See? I told you I ramble when I’m tired…. okay, off to get some sleep. Tomorrow will be yet another interesting day.




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