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2/24: State of … Exhaustion #crowdfunding #crashspace

I managed to get some energy and go over to storage today. I’m bruised, sore, and in pain. Some of this, if you see my posts on FB, will be a repeat. I ask that folks share and find some creative ways to spread the word. My focus right now is getting my stuff sorted and handled. I also kinda suck at personal PR.

The Plan (may change as things go)

SATURDAY: Energy drink (bad, but necessary), back to storage to finish rearranging things. Hopefully it won’t take another 4 hours like today. If anyone is willing to pitch in costs to make a sturdier garment rack, let’s talk… I know what I need, but I really shouldn’t use up too much more of what little I do have. I’m talking steel pipes and fittings. I know how to make it, but just need the funds. I also love giving the guys at my local Ace Hardware another fun challenge. The current garment racks are flimsy as most are that are geared to consumers and not industry types. I just want to make one, slightly longer than the other two.

Also: I can pull out all the stuff in the kitchen cupboards to be taken over later. I’m not really cooking right now anyway. Although I should cook up the remaining meats in the freezer. There will be some things getting tossed (same goes for the bathroom). I also need someone with me to help haul cans and bottles to Safeway (unless you have a car and know a better location). I’m estimating what I have will net me about $7-$10. Guessing. I can get more apple boxes and the like from Safeway as well. We may need them.

I will NOT put any pantry food items into storage… Other than a few things, I may be trashing a fair chunk of what’s there. If some of the canned goods are still okay, we can donate…. I just can’t get stuff up to the food bank drop off(if you want any of the stuff I’m not holding onto, feel free). If someone wishes to help on Saturday with clearing out stuff and packing up the kitchen, let me know. Finishing up organizing storage is kind of a solo thing. I tend to prefer being alone doing that. But moving things over and packing things up? Love any help offered.

SUNDAY: Hopefully we will have one or two folks with vehicles to take furniture over, as well as the rest of the stuff. A few things will stay behind and get moved over by me around the 1st. I found the straps that held my mattress in a roll from IKEA. Hopefully, with a little help, we can re-roll that sucker. If so, it can also go over on Sunday. I’ll bring the yoga mats back for a little cushioning and use my sleeping bag on the mats.

If we can get the furniture out Sunday, the rest of my time will be spent on other things. I have a Voc Rehab appt Tuesday and therapy Wednesday, but neither appt is all day or anything. I will be cleaning to the best of my abilities. I know they’ll be replacing the carpet (it hasn’t been changed in a decade or so… LONG overdue. I also know that as units change tenants, they’ve been recently replacing the carpet anyway), so no need to deep clean it or anything.

MONDAY AND ON: Cleaning up, packing the last of my stuff. Some small things like swapping my shower head and the kitchen faucet head back to what came with the apartment (I always tuck those under their respective sinks). Generally making sure I have everything back to what was when I moved in 7 1/2 years ago. I also have those two appts and need to re-up my food stamps. And get a PO Box.

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: I really need a solution for finding a place to stay with Portia. Guest room or couch, access to a clean bathroom and fridge/freezer space, NO DOGS (Portia has issues with them), close to transit. Starting Thursday evening at the VERY latest. I’d like to hand off the keys before the office closes that day, which is 6pm. I can help with cooking, etc.

If anyone has any grand ideas for blasting the internet or local communities to help with crash space, let me know. Make a comment on here (I screen all comments, so it wouldn’t be public unless I choose to make it that way), or if you have other ways to contact me, do so there. Or you can do some of that blasting of my request for help yourself… feel free. I’ll take any help I can get (unless you request sexual favors in return… there are lines I don’t cross). I’ve done 2-1-1, etc… the resources just aren’t there.


Thank you so much to those who have helped.

I’ll need funds fairly soon to pay for March rent for storage. It’s something like $300 for this size unit. It’s an 8×20.

I’m wiped out, meds are taking effect, and I will sign off for the night.

Help in any way you can, even sharing posts everywhere you can.

Thank you,

~Amanda/Penguin/Dragon with her faithfully silly feline companion, Portia.



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