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Dragon in Squirrel Mode

Still needing funding/crash space… I need a PO Box before the hearing so I can get the process of forwarding going.

I’m trying to pack up the stuff on the craft wall shelves. The shelves need to come down. I used the remaining set-up box yesterday… so I needed to tape the bottoms of a few more boxes…. the following is pretty much what ensued for about 5-10 minutes.

*need to set up a few boxes*
*tosses trash*
*gets distracted*
*need a damn box*
*walk into living room*
*need a box* (boxes are in the bedroom)
*turns to go back to bedroom*
*gets distracted again by stuff on shelving*
*DAMMIT! I need a box*
*walks into bedroom*
*starts to clear stuff that’s been set on remaining flattened boxes*
*leaves bedroom to put item that was on the boxes elsewhere*
*goes back to shelves*


Keep in mind, I know I’m diagnosed ADD, but meds never really helped, so I work out my own methods to manage it… but then there are days like today…

I’m also kinda hoping to get over to storage and rearrange…. I think I can make more space the way I’m thinking… but today would be THE day to do this as I’m alone and we’re hauling furniture over there tomorrow… yeah. So today would be great… but focusing on emptying the shelves is going slowly… I know that doing what I need to do in storage will take every single ounce of energy I have. Not like I have much right now with getting through another cold and laryngitis…

I may just focus on the stuff here and do some shifting tomorrow after the first person with vehicle. I know I’ll have some time. If it looks like we can get everything in there for the time being, I can wait to rearrange.

Thinking out loud is so much fun….




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