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2/17 Update: Eviction and Stuff


I’m sick… again… so I honestly can’t remember if I said I was just letting it go to a full “on the record” eviction. Last weekend, I got help from a few friends and a few new friends in getting things packed up and off to storage. But there was no way I could get the last of it out in time (I was out of it and in a LOT of pain, which was clouding my ability to make decisions). Also, that whole “where am I going to stay with Portia” issue.

On Monday, I hauled ass down to the courthouse and filed the papers for a hearing. It’s scheduled for the 23rd. This gives me at least this one weekend coming up to get stuff out.

Here’s the thing: I’ve tried the LDS church and the local person heading my area doesn’t have anything to help right now. I’ve been either sick, busy, or in too much pain to go down to the Catholic church… I may try today after my doctor’s appt. The other local charities are pretty much out of any assistance as well if they have temporary housing, they’re full; if they normally help with emergency funding, they’re out of said funding. **

So, I’m trying to find crash space without dogs but I can bring Portia with me. Not having much luck. And the shelters are no place for a cat… and they aren’t exactly the safest to begin with….

I know I’m going into the rental market with an eviction on my record. I’ve gotten opinions on this from every possible side. What I need right now is a place to crash that’s clean and safe for me and Portia and is close to transit. Then I can focus my time on finishing school and finding work. Then I can get back on my feet and into a studio of my own with Portia.

Any funds you can spare to help cover next month’s storage or getting me into a place is much appreciated.

I brought JoJo’s ashes home yesterday. I still don’t have her urn, but it’s on my Amazon wishlist…. at least to hold it there until I can get it. Need to look at memory boxes as well. One was given to me for Jack when he passed away so one of his toys, his collar, etc are in there. Eventually.


** Please do NOT tell me to call 211. Been there, done that, and there’s nothing.



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