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2/12 Update: Exhaustion/Moving/Eviction

I’ve had some help from friends and strangers in moving things to storage. I’m grateful for that help. My sciatica and other pain is participating in draining my energy and ability to function.

I finally heard back from the person in charge of my area from the LDS church. He may be able to round up people with vehicles, but they don’t have the type of other assistance I need. I need to go talk to the Catholic church as well. Everyone was so sure of the LDS church. So, I’m really stuck right now. I need a temp place to stay with no dogs but let me bring my cat.

I honestly don’t know how the hell I’m going to pick myself up out of this. I don’t have the money for a PO Box, and certainly not enough stay anywhere for any length of time.

The YouCaring campaign is still up. If I can get that to go viral and help me get into a place and I’ll keep looking for work while all of this is going on… as long as I have a place to stay.

I’m trying to stay positive, but things keep me just shy of it. Exhaustion, among other things, don’t help. The energy needed to pack stuff alone is pretty much nonexistent.

I have to be out and keys handed in by 5pm Monday (tomorrow).




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