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Mourning and Moving Forward Into the Unknown

I miss JoJo. Hell, I still miss Jack and his antics and he passed away in 2010. But JoJo was my bonded cat. When Jack died, I couldn’t decide on an urn for his ashes. It took me a while. I finally found one: a black and grey marble with pewter accents. It was fitting for a black and grey tabby.

JoJo was my queen. She was a pain at times, but still my absolute love.

I wasn’t totally sure what I was looking for in an urn for JoJo. Most pet urns just didn’t seem to fit what she was to me.

Then I stumbled across this one: Pewter Pet Urn. Amazon has it cheaper, by $14, so it’s on my wishlist. I can’t afford it right now, but would love to have it when I pick up her ashes in a week or two…

So I’m still struggling with the whole eviction hell thing. Losing JoJo pushed me even closer to that edge of “I can’t take much more of this hell.” I have leads on a couple of other sources for financial assistance.

I’m waiting for the court papers for the hearing. I need to get an attorney and some other paperwork in order beforehand so I can fight for more time.

If I can come up with the funds to rent a zipvan from Zipcar for a day ($115, includes insurance and gas) and have a few friends helping to pack and load, I can probably get most everything out.

It’s the whole “where do Portia and I go?” mystery that scares the ever-loving-fuck out of me. Granted, I’m now down to one cat, which might make things a little easier, but still, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I’m flying blind here into the darkness and the instruments aren’t working either.




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