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It’s been a rough couple of months. I started getting sick in December, a cold with other infections on top of it…. then the threat of eviction and now waiting for the papers to have a hearing.

On top of that, back into my final semester of grad school. And I swore I’d be able to focus. All my profs and my advisor know about the eviction stuff.

I thought this can’t get worse…. and then Thursday night, I have to rush JoJo to the emergency 24 hour vet, Dove Lewis (thankfully, they’re fairly close, so I could walk it). Fluid on her lungs, suffocating her. Something indicative of a larger problem. Even if i hadn’t taken her there, she likely wouldn’t have survived the night. My heart shattered. I couldn’t deal with her in so much pain. The only decent option was to let her go.

It got worse. I’m struggling to find the energy to pack things up, to move stuff over to storage, to make the contacts with people I need to talk to about charity help (and not anyone from 211). Losing my apartment of over 7 years, losing my beloved cat, trying to manage school and job hunting and everything….

I know there’s a breaking point. I know I’m damn close to it. I try to see the positive in all of the stuff I’m dealing with, but it’s so damn hard. Losing JoJo pushed me close to that edge…. the breaking point.



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