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A Fitful Night… #crowdfunding

(featured image is JoJo hiding from the world, which I’d love to do myself, but can’t)

Some of this is from the latest update on YouCaring, but I’ll expand on it.

I REALLY need to stop challenging the Universe with this whole “it can’t get worse” bit. I swear God has a warped sense of humor (explain Aardvarks without science) … I swear God is sitting there wondering “what else can we do to push her limits?”

So storage is set up and everything moved into the larger unit. We (a friend and myself) returned from storage yesterday to find my power shut off. Just one more level to add to my torture.

I didn’t have enough last night for the bare minimum payment, but thanks to one friend and payment for a gig from last week coming through, I had enough to cover it this morning. Power will be back on sometime today. (I personally think it’s inhumane to shut someone’s power off in the winter…)

With all of that, I am not able to get the apartment cleared out by end of day (unless a miracle team of ten people showed up and helped me pack and had a couple of vans to take it all over to storage). I can only make so many trips walking stuff over on carts.

Also, still no place to stay. I’ve tried the charities that are supposed to be able to help, and nothing is available. So, I’m staying put and letting them file a formal eviction while I scrounge more more money. I have nowhere to go otherwise. All the low income housing facilities around here have waiting lists months long, even years long.

The goal is to have enough funds to rent a studio somewhere that will accept me and my two cats with a fresh eviction on my record. That won’t be easy. Housing/rental prices are skyrocketing around here. I’m going to sign up for the RentWell classes that provide a certificate or something upon completion that shows I understand about life after eviction, etc.

But I still need to fight over the eviction. Giving me a mere 5 days to move out and find a new place to live with no money is basically impossible. If I was like some of my neighbors and had a few pieces of furniture, a box or two of books, etc… mostly just furniture and a few possessions, I could see the vacating part, but finding a new place when the local charities have nothing available, on short notice, it’s not possible.

So, there you have it. I need to stop challenging the Universe by saying “it can’t get any worse.” Yeah…. it can.

Power is getting dangerously low on this computer and none of the others have the same combo of ethernet port AND battery. Once power is back on, I’ll be back.




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