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1/31 Update: #Crowdfunding Still

  • Power is back on. Not sure which “law” it is, but of course it comes back on AS I’m on hold with PGE. Go figure.
  • As soon as I got the computers back up, I started having a hard time staying upright. Took a short-ish nap.
  • During our winter storms a few weeks back or so, I did a trick that was a good detector for the freezer in case power goes out. Freeze a cup of water and then put a quarter on top of the ice. When the power comes back on, check where the quarter is. If it’s still on top, the food is safe. If it’s refrozen down inside the ice, throw out the food. Mine was still on top, so it’s all good. However, I do need to replace some stuff in the fridge.
  • Still need to come up with funds for moving somewhere.
    • Issues with getting a room to rent:
      • Bad issues with roommates in the past.
      • Have cats who hate dogs.
      • They still want money I don’t fucking have.
  • Yes, I’m “letting go” and going to let them file the full eviction. I’ll get an attorney and other paperwork I won’t mention publicly and then wait for the papers.
  • Trying to get ALL of my stuff out in 5 days with little help (shout-out to Kim, Danielle, Scott and Matthew [Kim’s Signif Other]) for helping with boxes and a few loads of things, but there’s still a lot here and my energy levels are depleted from the stress. Think of my apartment as not only a living space but a crafting and sewing space with lots of supplies and then also the musician/music lover in my with my collections… and books. This is no small feat.
  • Please do not tell me to call 2-1-1 for agency listings… trust me when I tell you I’ve already done that and they have nothing.

I think that’s about it. The longer this goes on, the snippier I get. I already lost it on FB two days ago.  With all of this going on, I can’t focus on school or trying to find work. When your anxiety is up in the stratosphere and still going, the things you should focus on are the things you can’t focus on.

So, if I get really snarly, please understand that this situation is hell. If you were in my shoes doing this essentially alone with occasional help, you’d likely start snarling at people too. Don’t deny it… you know you would.

Now I need to go clean out the fridge. Ugh.




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