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The hits keep hitting

Share. Use Paypal. I’m now sitting in a powerless apartment.

So, my power has been shut off… in the middle of the fucking winter. A friend and I were off moving stuff to the new storage unit… get home… power is off. I have 110 in checking and 20 in paypal.

They want 284 or something like that and I need to pay it before 7pm so a tech can return and get my power back on. 

Let me tell you a little something: it is inhumane to shut someone’s power off in the winter.

Amidst ALL the other shit, there’s this one more sewage dump on my life.

Right now, I’m on the only working computer in my apartment that has battery life AND ethernet… so I could plug directly into the building’s internet… as my router is something you need to plug in.

I was already pissed off…. now? You don’t want to know.

I had to go get a lighter for candles and I wasn’t my normal self crossing the streets… I was glaring at drivers…. mentally daring them to fucking hit me so I could sue their asses.

I am not in a good frame of mind right now…. but I still need urgent help. Paypal only.



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