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1/28: Moving and Packing

I thought I’d do more blogging through the day, but I’ve mostly been updating on FB. I got the larger unit, but don’t the access code for it… which puts a kink in things for tomorrow. There’s some room for now in the smaller unit for the bulky things (like the steel pattern cabinet), but not a lot more. Then, once i have the code, I’ll have to move that fucker down to the bigger unit. I’d rather not do that alone….

I’ve put so much of myself into the apartment…. the stuff I collect, the wall hangings, all of it. I feel like I’m packing away my identity. Who I am. This isn’t easy by a long shot.

I still need all the help I can get, whether it’s sharing posts and the YouCaring campaign, local physical help moving things, donating via PayPal or the YC campaign. I have enough boxes (dear Bast, I hope so). Anything else you can think of.

I need to have funds on hand to get a PO Box Monday. I may have some from the latest TR gig by then, but I need to forward my address and all that hell… also need to reapply for my food stamps… figure out where the hell I’ll be staying with my cats after Tuesday.

Other than storage, it’s all so up in the air. I am scared.

I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what needs to be packed up. Very few people have stepped up to help locally, which is a little frustrating for me. I’m not always able to help others around me.

So much more to be done and I hope I can get some decent sleep and get going early.

Spread the word…

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