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Save a #StarWars & #StarTrek fan from #eviction

Calling any #StarWars and #StarTrek friends and fans! SHARE! DONATE IF YOU CAN! BUT AT LEAST SHARE! (every bit can help)

(See the end of the post for credit of where I pulled the image from)

Pulling out all the stops here. Yes, I’m using two of my main fandoms to try and get attention. Can you really blame me? No, don’t answer that. See, I have a “first appearance” for eviction court tomorrow morning. Less than 24 hours from now.

Appearance is at 9am tomorrow morning, 1/26. My stomach (and a few other areas) is in knots right now.

If you look at my Cosplay page, you’d see me in Jedi robes and Star Trek: TNG uniforms. I’ve been a Jedi, an Ambasssador from Cloud City (we created the character because of the costume I designed)…. I have three TNG uniforms: duty red and duty gold, and then dress gold. I’ve “rubbed elbows” with Armin Shimmerman, Rene Auberjonois, Nichelle Nichols, and many others. Mostly at conventions, but all wonderful, nice people.

I’m hoping that fellow fan folk like myself will see a fellow fan in need and step up in whatever way possible.

I talked to an attorney… not the friendliest person on the planet, but he did tell me what the options are.

  1. Come to an agreement for a payment plan of sorts (the reason I’ve been crowdfunding this).
  2. Agree to vacate (I don’t really have anywhere to go. Most friends don’t have room and those that do, have dogs… and one of my cats doesn’t do well with them).
  3. Ask for a trial (Not sure I have the strongest case on the planet right now).

I’d prefer #1. Just look at the stuff in parentheses for 2 and 3. I have less than 24 hours before court.



(Sorry for stealing the image…. I just needed -something- that is part of fandom and shows danger. Credit certainly goes to the beloved creators of Trek and those that own the rights to the images)

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