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Don’t Run (but please help me w/ #crowdfunding)

[Obligatory #crowdfunding message before the rest of the post: I’m still short for storage and really need to pay that asap before they do something drastic to my stuff. Also, I need as many people as possible to share this post or another (or the YouCaring link) to increase visibility before Thursday.]

I’ve noticed a few friends starting to say they don’t want to see any more political posts. I totally get the exhaustion from all of it. I’m an empath. I feel too much. I absorb too much. I have my own shit to deal with. I get it. But please…

Don’t Run Away.

This is not the time for hiding. Yes, the election is over. He’s been sworn in. He and his cronies are already screwing over the public. The very people they are supposed to represent. We cannot just throw our hands up and cave to their whims. If you need to limit how much politics you see on Facebook or elsewhere, that’s fine. But don’t walk away from it. Stay informed to the point that you have an awareness of what’s going on, but take it in smaller doses if need be. Just don’t ignore it completely. Then you fall into silence and thus complacency, even if you don’t realize it.

As I’ve learned from my years of dealing with my ex and his abuse/cyberstalking, silence gives the abusers power. And in this case, we cannot be silent. That only boosts their egos, gives them the idea that they’re winning this war. We can’t let that happen. We have to hold our heads high and keep moving. Keep speaking out. Keep the fire going.

The fuckery they’re already pulling in DC will damage all of us. And it will continue. We can’t stop now.




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