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11/22: State of the Dragon #crowdfunding

I need friends and followers to share this -or another- post. I need the help desperately. Wherever you can share on social media, please spread the word. I don’t know what else to do. Every share helps, every little bit helps.

I still need about 200-250 (I had to get a few groceries, k?) for storage and would like to tell him I have it. I also need to be prepared for court Thursday. If I can show the effort of getting the funds together, there’s hope. I may call the attorney who helped answer my questions two years ago. Just to see what he thinks my options are this time.


  • $200-250 for storage, ASAP.
  • roughly $2000 or so for rent/eviction. That includes two months rent and court fees (this estimate is from when I went through this two years ago during the debacle financial aid put me in). I knew the money was coming that time.. this time? I don’t know. This scares the ever-loving-fuck out of me. 

If you donate a decent amount, or whomever does, and wants something made in return, let me know. I have a bead on one PT job, although it won’t pay all my expenses.

I’m trying not to get stressed, because when I do, JoJo gets stressed and overgrooms and then I find hairballs all over the place. But remaining calm when I may lose most of what I own and my apartment is not that easy. This, honestly, is THE closest I’ve come. I’ve been here 7 1/2 years in the same apartment. I can’t afford to move elsewhere. JoJo isn’t good with other humans. And most of my friends don’t have the room. The handful that do have dogs and …. well… Portia doesn’t handle dogs well. Small ones would get mauled and big dogs scare her to death. I cannot and will not inflict that torture on my girls.

I’m scared. I’m stuck. I feel hopeless. I’m trying to not curl up in a ball and shut down from the anxiety.




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