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Dragon Ponders Politics #WomensMarch & #crowdfunding mention

Today, roughly 3 million or so people -mostly women- gathered in cities around the country, and even some sister marches in other countries in solidarity against the politicking of a certain person I won’t name who was just sworn in to the Presidency here in the United States. With him comes a legacy of hate, ego, division, and so much more. The misogyny alone is sickening.

I respect the office of the President, but I cannot -in good conscience- respect the one in it right now. He does not respect us, he has not earned my respect. Just remember, he, and other elected officials, are supposed to represent the people. All of us. But he and his ilk do not represent me and many others. He does not speak for me. I can use bigger words than him.

I would love to have marched, but I did not. Over the years, my claustrophobia and social anxiety have increased to the point where even a crowded streetcar here in PDX is problematic. I am not the only protester who couldn’t march. We all have our methods of protesting. Not everyone can march. I use words.

Words can have tremendous power when used properly. Even improperly. Negative words can destroy a person, in some cases pushing them to suicide. But when used properly, the power they wield can be an amazing thing.

I am a woman. I am a Feminist. I am Asexual. I am Queer. I am also a writer and poet.

So far, every manuscript I’ve written has a female protagonist. In one, I have two female protagonists. Oh, wait, two manuscripts have two female protagonists. I keep forgetting the one with the nun. Don’t ask.

I blog. Granted, most of my recent posts are either poetry or pleading for crowdfunding help with financial stuff. I’m trying to mix it up, but I blog what’s on my mind, and being unemployed, frustrated, broke-as-fuck, and just wanting to keep some of my sanity intact… well, that tends to be what comes up on the blog.

I use my voice in the way I can use it. My writing: Blogging. Poetry. Fiction.

I am proud of my friends who marched. I am also proud of every woman, man, and child who went out today and marched. On FB, I shared a link with an estimate of the numbers of protesters. My words that went with the post are what follows:

We will not be silent. Keep calling us snowflakes… there are enough of us “snowflakes” in this country to be a motherfucking avalanche. We have landed and we will not give up. 

Just like with the word ‘bitch,’ I say we take ownership of ‘snowflake’ … at least in this sense. We aren’t being whiny. That’s what HE is. The Whiner-In-Chief. We are passionate. Fired up. And we -as our predecessors the Suffragettes, Martin Luther King, Jr and the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s did- will not back down. We will not be silenced. You can bring back the McCarthy fiasco. You can block us online. You can try to silence us. But you won’t win. We will.

Go ahead, call me a snowflake. I am one of many and the avalanche is just beginning.

~Dragon/Amanda (still crowdfunding. still need help)



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