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Still trying… #crowdfunding #eviction

I have a cat determined to have lap time, so I have to make this short. Yes, storage still needs the last funds. Keep spreading the word… Many of my FB friends see and share the memes and links I post, but I have a hard time believing that amidst all of that, they don’t see my blog posts. I know many of my friends don’t have the money to help…. but they may know people who can.

Then there’s the bigger elephant in the room. Eviction. If I don’t raise funds to show them I can pay up when court happens on the 26th, I don’t know what my other options are. I need all the help I can get. Shameless promotion… I don’t know what else to try.

For now, I’m staying safe inside my apartment due to potential rioting. There are protests planned, but there are also anarchist-wannabes, KKK and Nazi-wannabes out in force to mess with the protests. So I’ll stay inside and watch anything other than news… at least for now.

For my fellow women out there protesting in the different cities… be safe. Stay in groups.




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