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1/20: State of the Dragon #crowdfunding #politics

(for the purposes of keeping what little sanity remains, Dragon will be referring to herself in 3rd person)

Dragon has managed to avoid much of the fuckery in Washington today. Although FB-sharing and retweeting sassy posts and memes is okay.

Dragon is in great danger of losing her cave right now.

She is focused on getting her sparkly dragon shit together due to financial stuff. She’s still short 200-ish on storage and needs to pay it ASAP as she has promised to the manager of the storage facility. She hopes the humans that she considers friends will help by sharing her blog posts, like this one, and the YouCaring campaign (more for the eviction. PP is fastest for storage).

Dragon is concerned, despite not liking many humans, about her own human side, the humans she is friends with and those humans she identifies with. She, as both dragon and human, sees dark times and many struggles ahead for the humans she likes.

Dragon believes all humans are equal, no matter their faith, sexuality, race, skin color, disability, etc. She’s afraid and wishes she could wrap her wings around those who are marginalized and turn anyone who tries to attack into a Crispy Fried Human. Sadly her wings aren’t big enough to protect everyone.

Dragon is still concerned about those around her, but she is scared of losing her cave and her collections. Please help save her from this hell.




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