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One more for the night #crowdfunding #eviction

I’m still 200-ish short for storage and want to get it done tomorrow. Then it’s on to rent and the eviction court date in a week. What I need from friends and anyone else is to share. If people really need proof this is happening, I’ll clean up the photo I took earlier to scrub my surname and addresses for privacy reasons. I can do that tomorrow.

I’m relying on a network of friends and their friends and beyond. I’d love to come up with creative ways to put it out there, but I can’t afford anything. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

I know one friend at one point said she didn’t feel that just sharing was enough help. But think of it this way: If even half my FB friends list shared one or two of my posts (that’s 225 people) then each of those people had half of their lists share… and so on… it would maybe see enough and gain enough traction so I can stay here. My hope is to get as many “eyeballs” on this who can help…

As you may be able to tell, my anxiety is high right now…. poetry isn’t on my mind…. I may go out tomorrow and try to do something… just to clear my head.




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