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Court date 1/26… #crowdfunding #eviction

#eviction #crowdfunding Court is one week away. Even if you don’t think sharing will matter, it DOES. Believe me, it does. The more eyeballs on this, the better my chances.

No amount on the papers. If I can swing the same deal as *last time (will elaborate below on that), it’ll be two months rent (750×2=1500) plus court fees… which are usually a few hundred. I don’t know if I can. Right now, I’m still trying to get the last 1/3 of the storage funds…

I’m lost, I’m tired, I feel so done with everything… but I keep going. I keep wondering when I get to climb back out of this hell. I need to go update the YouCaring campaign… more later…. when I’m not panicking and crying.


*two years ago, there was a ton of red tape around my financial aid, which was supposed to have shown up mid-month. Some miscommunication about one teeny thing between my lender and the school resulted in me scrambling to get the red tape cleared, things sorted, and then the funds were released the morning of court. Well, I don’t have that luck here. My loan amount for my final term wasn’t even enough to cover my tuition.




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