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#storage #crowdfunding 

So, folks like the poetry. I see how it is. I’ll try for one more tonight, but I also REALLY need the help with storage #crowdfunding. 

Hve you ever had belongings that you love, are a piece of you? Well, I have some of those, plus fabric and stuff in that storage unit. Yes, rent/eviction is still crucial, but the deadline for storage is in two days. I need to let them know I’ll have the money before Thursday. Then they can pull it from auction. Either PayPal or YouCaring are fine. I can show them the money in the campaign. 

I’d love, more than anything, to not need the unit. But my apartment is too small. I know there things to be trashed, but my health prevents me from digging in to make lots of progress like I want to.

I need more time (and energy) to tackle it all. I need a chance. Please share and let people know this is a journey I need to take. I just don’t have the means to do it all right now. So, I need help.




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