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Pet People vs. Non Pet People (& #crowdfunding of course) #JohnLewis

I’ve been sitting here zoning out trying to ignore the pain (yes, it’s in both ears now, and my throat is making it difficult to eat… anything. Even miso soup hurts) and trying to think of blog ideas other than continual begging for help. (feat. image is of my cat Skunky, who lived with my family for a very long time)

Then the tweet of John Lewis popped up on my FB feed from today. Two pics of him with his two B&W Tuxie cats. My heart melted. No, seriously, it freaking melted. This man is an icon of civil rights and here he is spending some downtime with his two beloved cats.

This got me thinking. Pet people (namely those who actually take care of and love their pets) versus those who don’t “do the pet thing.”

I will grant some exceptions. I have some friends who don’t have pets but they’re good people regardless. As I think is pretty obvious by now, I have two cats of my own. Two obnoxiously adorable and stubborn cats.

Using public examples…

I think the comparison between Lewis and T-rump is a good example. Being a carer for pets brings a sense of compassion and empathy to your life. You have a being who depends on you, lives a shorter life span than you, and can’t communicate with you the way you think they should. This teaches us patience and empathy. Things a certain person about to take over the Oval Office doesn’t have. I’m no psychiatrist, but I am an Empath. What I see in him is coldness, disconnection from emotions other than anger, and more that I can’t fully describe right now. One can look at his history of bad decisions to see he can’t connect with people. What little we do see is extremely superficial.

Rep John Lewis, on the other hand, is passionate, compassionate, kind… a gentle soul who will, when need be, rise up and fight for that which he believes in: equality for all, among other things. I kinda wish he were my rep, but I’m in Oregon so I have a few pretty good ones here. I don’t know how long he’s had cats or any other pets, but that compassion, his empathy toward all others, especially those less fortunate in society, tells me he’s likely been a lifelong pet person. In Lewis, I see depth of character, humanity, love, kindness. Things I see in most pet people.

Us pet people will do anything in our power to help our pets and help others as much as we can. Even when I have only been living in a one bedroom apartment, I’ve taken in acquaintances to help them get back on their feet, to great cost of my own. I’m not rich. Hell, I’m looking at eviction and losing most of what I own.

The cost to me to help others in this way has taken its toll on me emotionally. So now, my apartment is my refuge. Being an empath who can’t block worth a damn makes living with people difficult.

Patience is a virtue. One I still have difficulty with, but my cats help me with it each day.




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