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Me and my Cat (and a #crowdfunding mention)

Yes, still crowdfunding urgently. Storage and then to stave off the eviction. Will post an image of the notice when I get it. Just so folks know this isn’t some BS game.

But a little tale about me and JoJo. I think I’ve talked about her in the past. Especially the bond we have. If I’m stressed, she’s stressed (and that means hairballs, overgrooming, and not keeping food down). I’m sick, she’s sick.

And now a new one: some things end up working out the opposite of normal. For me, it’s the side effects of some of my meds. What should knock me out keeps me wide awake, etc. For my picky 14 year old cat, it’s how to give her meds. I swear I am not making this up. First few days the pill pocket with pill alone was fine…. then we had to move to greenie and then she’d take the pill pocket. This morning was a disaster… I won’t go into the details. Let’s just say the pill “gun” doesn’t work on her.

In the food? Nope.

I have a feeling that as the antibiotics are working, her teeth and gums are aching a bit. As we go back to partially dry food tonight, I want to see if she’ll eat it. I may have to do warm water and let the kibble soak. She may, as she gets older, end up a “wet food only” cat. Which hopefully by then I’ll be able to afford.

So I reshaped the remaining pill pocket stuff over the pill and set it aside. Let them finish their dinner and relax. Both ended up on the bed. I came in, tried the pill pocket. It took her a few tries but she finally got it (again, I think her teeth are bugging her, but I can’t afford to do much more right now. With trying to raise funds for storage and looking at court to fight the eviction, I’m already pushing it. I did get some liquid water additive to help with teeth and gums when I picked up kibble today).

Now it’s a matter of finishing her run of antibiotics. Hopefully this method will keep working. I had thought before meals would work, and it did for a while, but she caught on. She is the smart one of the two of them.



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