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Late night #crowdfunding post

Late night “I can’t sleep” post. This will be short. I think. But #crowdfunding doesn’t sleep either. 

My hope is that I “wake” up in the morning to find the cavalry has arrived and I’m safe from eviction. 

I also hope I’m not so tired in the morning that I’m dragging my ass to even feed the cats and take my antibiotics  (and not mix them up with JoJo’s antibiotics). 

Lastly, I need some major clarity. Tackling my ptsd head on is important. I want to find a group close to downtown that is free and is about ptsd from sexual assault. So far, no luck. But if I can bring that down to a manageable size, then the depression meds can get back to their job. 

I need a little longer. And a miracle.




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