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Poetry: Broken (#crowdfunding) 

Broken down. 

I fell off the wall



I can’t fix me. 

I should be able to. 

But the parts aren’t all there.

I have some missing pieces.

I tried to repair myself before. 

But I lost something along the way. 

Courage. I can fake that.

Self-esteem. That’s harder to fake.

I like my wall.

I’m safe there.


But I fall sometimes. 

Help me put myself back together. 


Maybe with enough help.

I can get back on my wall. 

I don’t know if anyone can see me.

I feel invisible. 

Not a new feeling. 

The brokenness. 

Maybe I fake bravery too well. 

I don’t think they can see the damage. 

I can’t do this alone.



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