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Less Than 5 hours #crowdfunding #eviction #urgent

Please share this post! Five hours remain as I type this. I -may- be  able to stretch the #rent #crowdfunding another couple of days, but I’d prefer to not beg. I also need to round up funds to save my stuff in storage from auction (before 1/19). If I had somewhere else to store it, I would, but there’s too much in there. Half my fabric is in there. Use PayPal as it’s the quickest.

I’m doing what I can, even still trying to sell off stuff, but no one is interested. Between being sick (with a nasty cold for weeks and then infections piling on top of the cold) and hunting for work and then having a mildly sick cat (nowhere near ready to ‘let go’)… I feel, as i do nearly every month, that I’m just pretty much done.

The breakdown:

  • RENT: 750+5o+12=812 for rent (the 12 is water) All due TODAY unless I can push another couple of days. But still cutting it too close/.
  • STORAGE: $600 and change for two months back rent, plus January and late fees. Before 1/19 auction.
  • Other things:
    • Cat food (dry) switching back to Natural Balance, but Duck formula per the vet’s strong recommendation due to respiratory stuff with the cats. Around $25 for a 10lb bag
    • Tuition the financial aid didn’t cover. $660 or so. If I can put this off for a bit, Hopefully I can tackle it once I get work.
    • Medical bills from 2 1/2 years ago that got turned over to the state and I’m just NOW hearing about them from the state. I don’t even know what they’re for. Again, I’ll tackle this when possible.
    • Electric bill: they won’t shut it off while it’s cold, like right now, but it would be nice to throw something at them… as in money, not something else.

Rent and Storage are the most urgent. Cat food is also needed.




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