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Decluttering and #crowdfunding

Still #crowdfunding to avoid #eviction… less than 4 hours left today. Please share.

As I go through the stuff in my apartment -trying to keep my mind off of panicking about rent and storage- I find I’ve accumulated things. It’s a habit… sometimes bad, sometimes good or fun. Some gets shredded, some gets recycled, some gets sent to charity, some gets Freecycled. A little at a time. I’m doing what I can to not panic. If I get close to 6pm, I’ll go down and ask for more time. I know that means to the 15th and no longer. The main office doesn’t like it and will file eviction papers.

I know people are concerned about their own livelihoods and healthcare right now. I get it. I’m on Medicaid and may get booted off, which means I’m royally screwed for health coverage. Many companies don’t offer coverage anymore, or if they do, the plans are so back-asswards, they aren’t very helpful.

I do what I can and it never seems to be enough. I try to remain positive, but right now, it’s pretty difficult to do.




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