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Still snowing and #crowdfunding

Morning shameless #crowdfunding post. The white stuff continues to fall from the sky. I haven’t checked email yet. Not sure if a miracle has shown up yet for rent. Please like, share, tweet, etc.

My current main computer needed an update (it was also getting annoying) so I turned it off for the night. The battery in it was causing problems some months back, so it’s “wall outlet only” which would’ve been bad if the power went out. None of the machines in my possession are high quality or in good shape. But most of them work. Kinda. Most of the time. 

Well, I didn’t sleep until at least 1am… and I’m only awake to feed my feline overlords and take my antibiotics  (6am, 2pm, 10pm). I did have coffee, so I may not sleep much. 




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