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Dragon View & #crowdfunding #22hours

I now have roughly #22hours to gather funds for rent. Then I still need to get other funds for storage. I feel lost and stuck at the same time. My stress hiccups are back and making it amusing to type. Rent needs $800 and change by 6pm on 1/12. Storage needs about $600 or so before the 19th.

And then my others… My financial aid for my final term in grad school didn’t even cover all of my fees and tuition. I still owe nearly $700 (I think it’s around $660 or so). There’s that one. Today, I picked up my mail and found a bill from the state saying I owe some $400-ish for medical bills Medicaid didn’t cover from the middle of 2014. This is the first I’m hearing of this. Ever. I don’t even know what those charges were for. So, I’ll be making some calls to figure out THAT mystery.

Those two can be delayed or on a payment plan…. and don’t get me started on my electric bill. Rent and then storage are the two super-urgent ones.  For now PP for rent, the YouCaring link can still be okay for storage.

Dragon Views

I’m not one to be silent online. I have my petty-bitchy side, especially when it comes to politics. While many of my friends on Facebook are sharing political posts and views set to “friends only” I’m posting mine publicly. I don’t care what people think of my views. They’re mine and I have a right to speak my mind.

To keep the politics here brief for now, I think we’re heading into a nasty era. Combine WWII propaganda, McCarthy-era paranoia and witch-hunting, and the fascism of leaders our country helped bring down decades ago… and you have what we’re facing. Those of us who are “different” (anyone who isn’t hetero-normative and cisgender and likely white/Christian) may face problems. While those legal restrictions that are a distinct possibility can be repaired down the road, what scares me the most is the person who will have access to the “red button” i.e. the nuke codes. Yes, laws regarding equality can be brought back to where they should be (all are created equal, no matter your skin color, religion, sexuality, etc), there are no take-backs or do overs with nukes.

I fear for the health and safety of people all over this planet. In Russia, the Parliament has passed a law (1st round of votes so far, not sure what else they need) to legalize domestic violence. Think about this for a second or ten. Men who beat their women in Russia would get a fine and no more. This is all kinds of wrong. But this is what is happening there right now. The rise of violence against Jews and Sikhs and Muslims and LGBTQIA (of which I am Queer and Asexual) in this country alone is growing at a rate unseen in decades. Fear and hate and paranoia are increasing all over. This is disconcerting at the least.

And this is why I refuse to be silent. I am a survivor of domestic abuse and was silent for years. Now, I refuse to stay quiet. I will shout it from the rooftops if I must. We cannot stay quiet. Our voices need to be loud. When we are silent, the bullies win. The racists win. The bigots win. We can’t let that happen.

In other news, both JoJo and I are starting to feel better. She loves feline greenies and thus pill pockets. That reminds me, I need to get more cat food soon. And a job… a job would be nice. The lottery would be nice too, but I’m not counting on that (besides, I’d need a few bucks to play anyway, which I don’t have).




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