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Two Days for #crowdfunding #rent

#RENT $812: Amazingly, my lap isn’t getting any demands from felines at the moment. Give it time… but for now, blogging. Because the office was closed on the 8th, when they normally send out notices, they posted them yesterday and extended the 72 hour to the 12th instead of the normal 11th. I have two days and a lot of money to come up with. This, for now, is rent. 800 and some change (my water bill isn’t late, but they insisted on adding it anyway, so it’s something like $812).

Storage: I forgot to look at the amount, but I have to get funds to them before the 19th. I know it’ll be around $600 with late fees and now three months of rent… and to buy yet another damn lock. About half my fabric is in there, along with a fair number of other things.

Life in general: I’m now on my 3rd round on antibiotics, this time for the ear infection. For 5 weeks now, I’ve had a cold, with three separate infections running in other areas of my body. This has felt like I’m in hell. Colds, infections, etc… all while trying to still deal with the rest of my life stuff. Usually, a cold will last me a couple of weeks, but this has been going on much longer and is extremely frustrating. I think now, with the ear infection and all, I’m getting closer to the end of this insanity.

Funding Options: The YouCaring option is still viable time-wise for storage. Just not for rent. I have two days. I do keep track of those who donate through PayPal. That’s the easiest and fastest way to get funds to me.

Why am I asking this month? Because I thought my school loan funds would cover January, but I logged in and realized that they wouldn’t. I’m going into my final semester with still needing almost 700 owed to the school. I don’t know if I should start a second campaign for school stuff or use the YC one.

As my cold and other infections go away, I’m getting a little clearer-headed. Still tired, but slowly coming out of this hell.

In a way, maybe this cold has been a clearing of all the old crud and pushing me into 2017 for better things. Getting the bad out of the way so good things can happen.




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