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Tired Dragon… still #crowdfunding

#crowdfunding # urgent So I am back on antibiotics (third thing, third round, all while fighting a cold). After this crap is done, I am not allowed to get sick for a bare minimum of 6 months. Holy hell.

Yes, crowdfunding. I got the notice today and have until the 12th for rent ($800). Storage… I’ll check that email in the morning. And now?? My financial aid disbursed and I OWE almost $700 over what they paid.

I’m sick of being tired. Tired of being sick. And fed up with being broke and unable to get a damn job. I’m trying to find positive things… I am, but it’s difficult when it feels like the world is dumping all over you. Like the cat hanging onto the ceiling fan after the shit hit it and got turned up.

All I want is a decent job that pays reasonably well, my rent and storage paid, my health back to normal, to be done with school, and energy.




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