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I thought I had a… thought? #crowdfunding

#crowdfunding #rent #urgent #ShareMe

Yeah, back at it. As I said in a post … yesterday? … I swore my school funds would cover January, at least most of it.

They won’t.

This won’t be long. I had two physical TR gigs back to back today (this is highly unusual for me, I usually get one or two gigs a month), so my body is exhausted. Between the gigs and the cold weather…. my muscles are creating new swear words to hurl at my brain.

There’s a YouCaring campaign and the PayPal Donate button (fastest)… Rent and Storage (which will go to auction and if it does, a lot of my stuff is gone, including fabric and other things).

I’ll post more over the weekend.

I really look forward to the day where I don’t have to ask for help with this.

Dragon is too tired to be her usual pissy self.

Penguin is tempted to become a warm-weather bird.

So, there’s just me. And my cats. And Pill Pockets are awesome for pilling a cat. She’s doing better. She has a way to go to resolve this, but JoJo is her usual clingy self. She even forgave me pretty quickly.




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