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JoJo and #Crowdfunding

Please share far and wide… I thought my school funds would cover me this month, but they won’t. At this exact moment, I’m too tired to panic. The vet thing and dealing with people at CareCredit who don’t have a clue drained me.

Two things before I collapse into a pile of exhausted human.

JoJo: She has a Urinary Tract Infection and is on Clavamox. Pill Pockets are a freaking godsend because they’re made by the same company as Greenies, which are Kitty Crack in this home. First pill down with ease. They took some bloodwork to screen for general “if there’s anything else” as she hasn’t been to a vet since 2009 (hasn’t really needed to, since she’s been fairly healthy her whole life). She has signs of other inflammation/issues. Her teeth and gums are iffy right now. She’s likely allergic to more than just wheat, so we need to nail down what that might be. Once the current bag of food is done, I need to go back to Natural Balance but the Duck LiD (Limited Ingredient Diet) as Chicken and Fish foods are inflammatory for cats like her. Duck it is…

Crowdfunding: As of tomorrow, rent will be late. So, tack on the late fee, which makes it $800. Storage will be somewhere around $600 to save it from auction. Any and all help is appreciated. Donate, share, tweet, etc. I’ll post more tomorrow… Use PP or YouCaring.

Thank you!




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