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And so it piles up…. #crowdfunding

This is going to be kinda quick…. I think. #Crowdfunding and stuff… help if you can, share even if you can’t.

  1. I thought the financial aid for my upcoming final term of school would cover my rent and keeping storage from auction mid-month and maybe toss a little at PGE. I’m not even sure, after looking at it, that it’ll cover my tuition and fees. One more thing to add to my classes and then we’ll see what the damage is. Since my school is in Kansas, I’m considered an out of state student, so my tuition is pretty much double. It sucks. But the fact is, I was complacent in thinking it would cover my rent, etc and it won’t. So, there is a new crowdfunding campaign on YouCaring. It’ll cover rent, the late fee for rent, storage catch-up (two late months and this month), and maybe toss a little at PGE. See the SIDEBAR for the YouCaring link. No image on it. Sorry.
  2. So, here I am -trying to not freak out about rent- and the aforementioned tuition is potentially a concern. I can take the classes, but with a balance, I won’t have my degree. I won’t be able to pull transcripts or get that fancy piece of paper. So, if there is a balance, I may have to start a second crowdfunding campaign.
  3. I’m slowly coming out of the fog from the PTSD trigger fog. I don’t know how else to describe it. It pushed me deeper into my depression. I still have some processing to do, but I’ve noticed a shift. It has made everything in my life difficult since November. I own that.
  4. JoJo. My 14, soon to be 15, year old orange girl cat is having health issues. She’s a senior, so it isn’t surprising. I love my girls. But JoJo is my soul-cat. If one of us is feeling off, so is the other. We’re just that way. She chose me back in 2003 when she was 11 months old. I wasn’t sure what to do. I can’t afford anything, so getting her in to see the vet was going to be a challenge. I have a bankruptcy due to massive medical bills, so getting credit is nearly impossible. But I tried again tonight for CareCredit…. and they approved me for $500. Hopefully this will cover what needs to be done. I’m not ready to lose her.
  5. Now that I’m bouncing back from the latest trip to hell (see 3 above), I’m getting back into the stuff I need to get done. This hasn’t been easy by any means. Anyone who has survived domestic abuse and/or sexual assault will understand that flashbacks are hell.

Okay… I’m outta here for the night.




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