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Out with the Old…

Out with the Old…

I wasn’t sure if I was going to post today. But here I am. It hasn’t been an easy year. I have had my own person down times, as well as a few good ones. Going to GeekGirlCon in October was truly an awesome weekend.

I’ve started seeing some people on FB complain about those of us blaming 2016 for all the deaths. If not the year, then what? We can point fingers at the accidents, the diseases, etc… but it’s all over the place. 2016 is just one thing we can look to. We’ve lost a lot of good people who were heroes and idols in my world, and in the world of others. Yes, good things happened. But when we wake up to the news that another person we’ve adored is gone, it becomes more difficult to see the good.

… In with the New.

Tomorrow, I’ll wake up in a new year. I have hopes and concerns for 2017. I have a lot of healing to do. Even while society will likely descend into turmoil. I have no crystal ball. But as an Empath, I do feel the general concern and fear.

I may expand on this later, but my hope for this coming year and beyond is that we learn. Learn from mistakes made… among other things. Remember that we are all human, no matter our differences. I make no promises that I’ll be quiet about politics, but in other things, society needs to figure shit out. Unfortunately, some of those things require involving politics. But I digress.

I wish upon all peace, serenity, kindness, and grace.




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