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Why Dragon Has Been Quiet

I’ve been finishing up school stuff, and trying to get over a cold that’s been slamming me for nearly a month. When Dragon gets a cold… it’s a beast of a cold. That all said, I’m slowly getting better. Below are some thoughts on things that have taken place recently. While I won’t go into detail, I need to talk about it.

When we are online, sarcasm doesn’t always read well. I’m guilty of it as well, but I’ve been online and in either forums or email groups or social media now for so long that I know how to behave (for the most part).

Sometimes, the words aren’t even sarcastic, but cruel, even borderline malicious. While those words may not necessarily be meant that way, one must always consider how you say something and to whom you are saying it. They may be dealing with a lot more than you could dream of in your worst nightmares.

Not only is this the season to do our best to be positive toward others, but that should be something done year round. As we muck through the rest of the holiday season, we need to remember that others may not see the world as we do. I’m battling PTSD on top of my depression and anxiety. Some may not understand all of those things. Many may not realize their words are making it worse. Be kind. We are all human beings and we are all -no matter our finances or other differences- equal.

I think I’m slowly coming out from under the trigger, but I was shut down emotionally because of it. Being reminded of a painful past makes getting through your current life difficult…. and it was already no walk in the park. I am human. I have flaws, as do we all. The mistakes we make can return to tackle us to the ground, make us curl up into a ball to shut the world out for fear of getting hurt again.

Words have power. If one cannot understand that power, they should be more careful in wielding said words.

Being a writer, I know this likely more than the average person. I’m still reeling from the words in Inheritance, the story I worked on for NaNoWriMo this year. Writing about ghosts with vendettas and fear and hate… who don’t grasp the power of their words (and two of those ghosts, plus the MC, are witches)…. they have to learn.

Being someone who survived abuse, I know how painful words can be.

Find peace, not pain. Choose words carefully, for they have lasting effects you may not realize.

~Dragon out



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