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2016: The Review Begins

This won’t be long. Not on the computer. This has been a pretty crappy year overall. I’ve struggled with school and job hunting. I’ve come face to face with memories of parts of my life I thought I had handled well. 

A few good things happened. I got to meet Stan Lee finally. I found a great museum to do my practicum with, and am continuing the project to its completion. 

I still feel empty inside, to some degree. Not sure that will ever go away.

I wrote a manuscript for something other than Science Fiction or Fantasy. A massive step outside my fiction comfort zone. And I love what came from it.

I’ll write more about my observations of the year as I get to them. Some “practical-minded” types may say I should give up certain things, such as writing and the small press. But those things, and music, are more to me than “just hobbies” … they keep me alive. They help me breathe when I’m unsure if I can. They are a part of my soul. My dad saw that. He knew it. 

Never stop believing in yourself. Never give up on what you love. Ever. 




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