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Rent covered!

Rent covered, so now you guys get the geeky picture of me…. trying to remember how old I was…. 5th grade was when I first got glasses. The dress was something my mom made for me that was kind of a copy of a Gunne Sax design. I was very much a tomboy growing up, but I did wear dresses on occasion. If I remember this one right, it had ribbons somewhere along the front… maybe I’m thinking of another one…. those damn poofy sleeves are hiding it. I’m thinking 6th or 7th grade… yes, that late… I was a scrawny dork. And I always looked younger than I am.

I still need to scrounge up funds to get storage caught up, but I’ll tackle that tomorrow.

Oh, I do see the ribbons…. sorry, it’s out of focus.




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