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How Do I Get Better Coverage? 2.5 hours left #crowdfunding

I see a few friends share my posts on FB…. I see a few people adding me to crowdfunding groups or an occasional retweet on Twitter…. but I still don’t know how to get more coverage?

Maybe, at least on FB, it’s my own depression to blame (no one will admit this, but blame it all on their algorithms)…. it’s hard to be upbeat and happy and all that when you’re stressed about job hunting and school and paying the rent and …. yeah. Believe me, I wish I could be positive. But constant stress is no walk in the park. It tears you down, eats you alive while you’re feeling broken. Trying to remain positive when all of that is happening and then you get some close calls almost getting hit by inattentive drivers…. and you get home after nearly getting hit and there’s a rejection email for a job you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANTED … but not even an interview. Most of the time, I don’t even get the email. Personally, I think that’s a common courtesy thing. But companies rarely do it anymore.

I feel, at times like this, as if I am ill-equipped to deal with society. How do I boost my signal for help? How do I get around the frustration of job hunting in a society that values personal connections over skills and talent? Not to mention education? I’m getting my Master’s Degree… and I’m passed over for jobs even in that field. Which is why I want to move on after I’m done. But I still need work here in PDX… now… so I don’t have to keep begging for help like this. I’m starting to feel like the homeless on the street…. seen, but ignored. This is just how it feels.

What can I do?




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