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#crowdfunding #eviction Any help will do! I’m just under halfway!

I can understand some skepticism. I can. I see scammy crowdfunding shit all the time out there making the news. Lots of things like that happen. I don’t know how I can relay my issues other than how I already have.

I’m not perfect. Sometimes, I barely feel human. But I am. Human, not perfect. Trying to survive when I have limitations about the kind of work I can do anymore… I wonder at times how I’ve been able to get by in society until now. Have I? I’m not sure.

All I know is that I struggle to fit in… I’m an odd duck- er- Penguin- Dragon? I don’t know. I know I also have to get some assignments into one of my professors by midnight tonight… so I need to get this handled first…. then tackle those…. they aren’t huge, just…. yeah. Depression and PTSD suck. 2016 sucks too…. but I won’t go down that road until closer to the end of the year….

Share, donate, whatever you can do. I’m technically out of time, but the office doesn’t close until 6…. so hopefully soon… halp?






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