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30 minutes remaining… #crowdfunding

#crowdfunding Even if you can’t donate, share! Just under halfway there!

Paypal is the only way to get funds to me in time.

GFM takes too long. Patreon is set up as a “at the start of the month” thing, so won’t do any good.

I wasn’t sure if the office was open due to the weather (snow and ice tends to stop PDX in its tracks), but they are. I went down there and checked. If I can get everything together by 4-ish, they won’t ding me for being a little after 4pm. I cannot give them partial rent, etc… they’ve never accepted that. I’ve been in this apartment for 7 and a half years… don’t want to uproot even temporarily until I find work elsewhere or go outside the country for school or something…. I still have my dreams, even if they’re fading a bit.

Another 150 from two people…. brings my total to 400-ish (give or take a few bucks thanks to fees and such)… so just under halfway.  

Getting there… but running out of time. Every bit helps!





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