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Sick Dragon still #crowdfunding 

Still #crowdfunding…

I know, I’ve been a bit quiet. I should be at the museum today, but sneezing and hacking up crud from my lungs isn’t good for handling slides. I’m resting, drinking juice, etc.

I found last night why I dislike eating oranges so much. The smell permeates everything. While my sensitivity to smells is mostly chemical, even strong natural odors can hit and be problematic. Oh well. 

So, before I forget them, the topics I forgot last night are: holiday reminiscing, safety in troubling times (this one may be long, not sure), surviving the holidays alone, and probably one or two I’ve forgotten again. 

Stay tuned. Yes, still need rent and storage rent help. And as I asked my fb friends yesterday, if you see my brain wandering around… please return the little bastard to me asap. Needs to detox from the pina coladas and get stuff done.




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