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Reminiscing the Holidays, Penguin Style with some #crowdfunding tossed in

Yeah, still in need of help. Can I get some help spreading the word…. I have less than 24 hours now. I have until 4pm Thursday or eviction paperwork is started. There have been many deadlines…. getting this late scares the shit out of me, to be honest.

I recently asked my friends on FB what the holidays meant to them…. mostly the answers were “family and friends” etc… a couple of them celebrate Yule as pagans, so we had some different answers.

For me, as an adult with no children, it isn’t a huge deal. I put up a tinsel tree or two…. some lights… my Felinity Nativity figurines… but I’m not religious, so other than my faith holdout (the base of my faith is Christianity…. as Jesus taught, thank you) from my teens when I became a Christian, Christmas as a Christian holiday doesn’t mean a huge deal (and other than nativity scenes, which could also be argued, most of what we use to celebrate it are actually from several European pagan religions…. so, not exactly a Christian holiday)

Growing up, we had a tree, stockings, lights, etc… I figured out there was no Santa around 6. And there was a tradition that our stockings had some of our favorites. Mine always had two things: a jar of maraschino cherries and a Lindt chocolate bar. There were other things, of course, but those two things were a constant in my stocking every year.

My other good memory around Christmas was my tradition… I was never a morning person. Except on Christmas morning. I always woke up before dawn, quietly crept out to the living room, made sure the door between the living room and my parents room was closed (the house was a mish-mash of additions even before we bought it), then I’d find one of our fuzzy blankets… or two… and curl up in one of the chairs next to the tree. We weren’t allowed to take our stockings down until mom was up, and she was always last. It was almost always me>Dad>my brother and sister, depending on who woke first>Mom. We could tackle the stockings, then breakfast, then presents. But I was always first to the tree.

My upbringing wasn’t religious or anything. We were Deist at best… Most of our decorations were traditionally more “winter” than “Christmas” …. the balsa wood sleigh with fake greenery and berries … Christmas dinner was ham (Easter was leg of lamb, Thanksgiving was turkey).

I can’t say we were this warm, open, upbeat family. The extended family gatherings were more fun. Almost always my mother’s side. There was my aunt, who played the organ as we all sang carols (I still have the photocopied books my mother made so we’d all be on the same page numbers). Some of my cousins played brass instruments, so at one end of the house, there were carols being played. Family games, Secret Santa, you name it. No snow…. it was Fresno, after all. Other than some of the carols, it was still pretty secular. Which was fine.

But what do I believe now? What does Christmas mean? What did Christ teach, if you follow that faith? Love, acceptance, helping others…. One day I wish to be in the position to help others. But right now? I’m not in that position…. I’m one of those who needs the help.

Less than 24 hours….




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