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Dragon hurts… #politics #crowdfunding 

(Yeah, yeah, crowdfunding and all… get on with it)

Thinking of Aleppo. I can say I’ve never been in a war zone. Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to understand and empathize with those caught in between Assad’s forces and the various rebel factions. As a writer and blogger, I can imagine what it’s like. I can lend my voice, as best I can. 

I know the general feeling of fear. For me, it was fearing my ex. Fearing looking over my shoulder. For those still there… the innocents stuck in that war zone… being raped, maimed, watching their families be gunned down JUST BECAUSE THEY EXIST!!!!! That is why what is happening in Syria is being compared to the Holocaust. Because these people are being tortured and killed for merely existing. Just as Jews and gays and others were killed just for existing by the Nazis. 

And now, we may have (‘may’ because the Electoral College has yet to vote) a US President who is friends with the man who backs Assad. Who has said inflammatory statements against those of us who are different. Has appointed people who will help him tear this country apart. Will we be the next war zone? Will we become the rebels fighting for our right to be heard? Have we already? Our country was founded on certain principles. Free speech. He wants to silence us. I could go on…. but I need sleep. Need to get better at some point. 




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