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Dragon asks…. #crowdfunding

#crowdfunding #emergency #eviction

This is going to be quick…. mostly because I’m still sick and there apparently isn’t enough sleep for me to get…. so heading back to bed shortly. Please share my posts…

I know it seems like I keep getting these “false” deadlines… but they’re very real. This is the first time they’ve given me until the 15th. I cannot move anywhere else. Rent has always been due by the 5th. They post 72 hours notices on the 8th. I was given a reprieve because the deadline, the 11th, was on a day they’re closed. When you’re late, you have to hand it to them. During office hours. When the 12th came and went and I was given a new deadline of tomorrow, I thought, “okay….. we can do this.” I’ve had one more donation come in during this time, but not enough to cover. I have nowhere to go if evicted. I need to stay. My cats need to stay.

Rent needs a total of 850 to cover atm fees on top of rent, late fee, and water bill. Storage is about half that for now. I’ll have a couple hundred or so from the donations and my work this weekend…. but not enough.

Less than 24 hours.





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