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Miracle in 5 hours? #crowdfunding

USE PAYPAL!!! #crowdfunding #urgent #runningoutoftime

Please do NOT use GFM. I thought I had turned donations off last week, but apparently it didn’t take. See, GFM takes a few days. I honestly doubt I can get them to hold off on papers a few more days, so today is it. Spread the word, shout it from rooftops. Tweet it, blog it, share on FB, Tumblr, LJ (which reminds me)… wherever you can think of. Mind you, IF (and that’s a massive IF), I know funds will be here in time to hand them off tomorrow (for example, enough people say ‘hey, I can’t do anything until I get home, which is after 6, but I can cover XX amount!’), THEN maybe I can walk in there today and say “Hey, I have people who can help me with rent, but they’re stuck until after 6pm, as they’re at work, etc” I -might- be able to put it off, but if I say TOMORROW then I have to bring it TOMORROW.

I’m sick and I have speech therapy appt mid afternoon. By the time I get home, it’ll be cutting it close time-wise, but I’d be able to get it (it would land me during commute hours on the streetcar, and if you’ve never been on the NS streetcar during commute times…. holy shit…. I’ll be getting on early enough to maybe snag a seat…. but it’s nuts on there.) So, the sooner the better.




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